December 2016

Things I Strewed this MonthSprinkling cinnamon on sliced oranges to make decorations for the Christmas tree.

  • Holiday activities! Including making our own tree decorations (drying sliced apples & oranges), decorating a Christmas tree, holiday inspired crafts, turning her fairy garden into a holiday winter wonderland, holiday party, and decorating gingerbread houses with friends.
  • Celebrated St. Nicholas day for the first time. Miss Cece received a couple little dinosaur science experiments, though I think St. Nicholas may bring more traditional goodies next year. 😉
  • Took a trip to the Museum of Discovery and checked out their pterosaur exhibit.
  • As a last minute idea I asked Miss Cece if she wanted to mix snow with food coloring, which turned into experimenting with mixing colors.
  • Play dates with friends!

Adventures this Month with a Three-Year-Old

  • The businesses in downtown Fort Collins get together and hide Santas for children to find in a couple dozen stores. Miss Cece loves search and find books along with a similar event of finding Waldos in stores during the month of July, so we decided to check it out. Miss Cece loved the finding Santa part, but not the cold walking between stores part, so didn’t last quite as long as I expected. (Cognitive Development for problem solving)
  • In an experiment kit, Miss Cece got a little toy dinosaur after watching it appear when the volcano it was encased in dissolved with water. After watching this experiment, she took the lid of the experiment and used it as a boat. On her “boat” she tested whether various items would float or sink, including her toy dinosaur.  (Science)
  • We have a sticker book with animal stickers that can be put onto various biome scenes. This led to a discussion on where Kangaroos and Koalas live and checking out our world map to see how far away they live from us. (Science, Geography, Physical Development for stickers working on fine motor skills)
  • This is not specific to December, but we have family movie night every Friday. It not only gives us dedicated family time each week, but also give Miss Cece a weekly tradition to look forward to. Exposure to movies is not a necessity for children’s development, but it can expose children to many different social study topics. We primarily have movie night for maintaining our connection as a family and fun! (Social Studies, Social/Emotional Development)
  • LOTS of dramatic play! Favorite dramatic play activities at the moment include pretending to be a firefighter, pretending to fly her rocket ship to outer space and visiting various planets, pretending to be Santa and delivering presents when her friends are sleeping, and purchasing ice cream from an ice cream shop! (Social/Emotional Development, Physical Development, Science, etc. depending on her specific activities)
  • Miss Cece has been watching a bit of Magic School Bus recently, thus she’s explored several science topics including the digestive system, inside a beehive, exploring the rain forest, among quite a few others I don’t recall! These often lead to various discussions long after the show is over, some times she’ll recall things a couple weeks later! (Science, Social Studies)
  • With Miss Cece’s interest in search and find books, we’ve introduced her to a couple “I Spy” books. These books expose her to all sorts of topics by finding letters, words, objects, and animals (i.e. finding a quail led to a discussion on various bird species).(Science, Social Studies, Literacy)
  • Met some friends at the Museum of Discovery in Fort Collins, CO and checked out their pterosaur exhibit. This included watching a show in their digital dome theater, checking out fossils, observing life-size models, playing with some interactive apps, and getting to fly her own pterosaur in a virtual flight lab. (Science, Social/Emotional Development)
  • Miss Cece has enjoyed exploring a deck of cards with her Daddy, including the game “war.” (Math for exploring numbers)DSC_7433
  • So many Christmas-themed activities including: giving our fairy garden a Christmas make-over, decorating gingerbread houses, making our own dried fruit decorations for our Christmas tree (we talked a little bit about history here), participating in a St. Nicholas celebration, writing a letter to Santa, crafts, and we were lucky enough to have a few different family celebrations. (Fun!, History, Arts, Physical Development for fine motor development while crafting, Social Studies, Literacy)

Planning Adventures to Come

  • Something new that has evolved over the last couple months is that Miss Cece has very little interest in taking outside classes. She still likes her farm camp, however that will not be available until next spring. So at the moment I have not signed her up for any classes. We’ve not been in this situation before, so it will be interesting to see how our days unfold without any pre-planned activities.
  • I believe part of the reason Miss Cece no longer wants to attended classes is she just wants to play, play, play! Specifically dramatic play! Thus we’ll likely be doing a lot of this on our own, but she also LOVES to play with other children, especially in small groups. So I’ll try to plan lots of play dates with friends!

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